musical history

I started playing the drums in January, 1992… real drums, that is. Starting in 1990, I spent a couple of years saving money and playing air drums, teaching myself a lot about playing by hearing the sounds that came from each drum and cymbal in a basic drum set. People giggled at what I was doing but it really helped when I finally landed my first set. I’ve never had any formal lessons but only a few pointers and many observations made over the years. There’s a ton that I can’t do on the drums and that’s why I continue to enjoy playing. The opportunities to learn are always present in the band setting.

My first drum set was a used Remo. I replaced that in 1994 with the Tama Granstar set that I continue to play today. They sound great, especially through a p.a. system. I have to thank my parents for putting up with years of noise before I finally moved out. The piano and guitar lessons fizzled but at least I settled on the drums.