ROB WILLIAMS / guitars


musical history

I grew up in southern California listing to K-EARTH 101 (oldies) and the mighty KMET (rock & roll except for that Chuck Mangioni and theme from S.W.A.T. era.) The first two songs that I learned were Muddy Water (Rolling Stones version) and Smoke on the Water. I learned them in the fifth grade on my brother’s Decca electric guitar that he never played. (I actually still have the guitar.)

I played trombone from seventh through ninth grade. When someone stole my mouthpiece I decided to start playing bass for jazz band. That’s when I started learning and playing the guitar and bass seriously. I started playing mandolin in the late 80′s. I have played in many bands and even sat in with a few others – Destiny (later became Clockwork), Epicure, Collision, Strait Up, Theophilus, Lefty Ray’s Deck Hand Band and White Hot. In addition I also sat in on shows for Loretta Lynn and Deliverance.

I joined Sombrance in September 2001 and have not enjoyed jamming with a group this much since my days with Destiny. I look forward to the future of Sombrance and the fans we will reach.