TOM KINDER / bass & vocals


musical history

My musical shenanigans began in the early 90’s with a band called Broken Dreams. I was the lead vocalist, lacked charm and generally heckled my audience- good times. Not long after, I received a shot at trying out for another local band called Your Mother’s Lover. I wasn’t a good fit and in the mean time, the guys in Broken Dreams sent me packing for whoring myself out to another band.

I was content at that point to begin doodling on an acoustic guitar and started teaching myself some basic chords. I still hung out with the guys from Broken Dreams often, and they were of the opinion that if I could play a bit of guitar, surely I could pick up the bass. Thus began my bass hackery. Not long after Broken Dreams became floodwater and has been playing together off and on for over a decade.

The opportunity to join Sombrance came a few years back when Rick Mester and I picked up on a friendship going back to big wheals, Wiffle ball, and mud pies. It turned out Sombrance was in need of a bassist as well. I gave it a shot and due to the tone-deaf nature of middle-aged guys, they’re still under the impression I know what I’m doing.