Colours of Life

Rick MesterVocals, Guitars, Bass, Programming, Synths

From the Album Wallpaper Sky

Rick Mester - Wallpaper Sky

This song and “Waceke” were written as I was spending a lot of time with Jimmy Brown in his studio.  We were on a huge electronic music kick and it seems like we were recording something new every day.  When I presented these two songs to the band, they said “save it for your solo album”…  So I did.  They were right in hindsight, but I still like the songs. –rick

Words by and music by Mester

Shivering in the cold
Blinking out the rain
I can feel you standing there
I can’t see a thing

All my time has gone away
And my hope has come undone

I need you to let you go

The colours of life
Waiting for the sun to shine
It’s going to take some time
Before the shadows are away

Don’t pretend to love me
Don’t desire to hold me
Don’t bless me with your charms
Turn and walk away

I just have to let you go
Save my heart from endless pain