I Live Without

Rick MesterGuitars, Programing, Synths, Vocals

From the album The Cold Awakening

The Cold Awakening

Words and music by Mester

Falling snow, bleeding brow
Funny how tainted it becomes
Red absorbing purest white
My blood stains…On your soul
I fall hard
Across the capped mountain
Of liberty, of hope
Illusions…and easy to believe in
But impossible to grasp
Inward theater opening up
To scaled down dreams
Of you and I
But to live here is just the beginning
As waking up, I see red and white
And blue skies
Forever turning gray
In anticipation of the burning day
Where safety, shelter
Are replaced by life
And I ask
Who wants it?
If I never had been
And to my dismay
I always will be
I live without