Slow Moan Sunday

Rick MesterVocals, Guitars, Bass, Programming

From the Album Wallpaper Sky (CD only)

Rick Mester - Wallpaper Sky

I recorded this tune after all the others were complete.  I wanted to include it as a bonus track, so it appears only on the CD version and not on any downloadable version. –rick

Words and music by Mester

You came to me one Sunday morn
Yeah I was just here all alone
Doing time, doing life
And always waiting for tomorrow
Now I’ve fallen into you
And you into me
I know where I’m going
And where I want to be

Slow moan Sunday
It’s the high tide of my soul
Slow moan Sunday
One and one make whole

If a day can pass away
I want it to remember
That you and I were meant to be
Today and forever
So come on intertwine us
No more clouds to hide us
The sun will always shine us home