Rick MesterVocals, Guitars, Bass, Programming, Synths

From the Album Wallpaper Sky

Rick Mester - Wallpaper Sky

This is a silly, fun song made up of humorous events and ‘inside jokes’ from my friendship with a beautiful girl named Waceke. –rick

Words and music by Mester

Waceke is a friend of mine
She’s really sweet and smells real nice
And when she’s walking by
All the boys they have to look twice
Waceke and her little lion
Walk around without their clothes
I love it when she starts to smile
Crinkling up her little nose

Waceke, oh my Lord
Sitting at work and she is bored
Waceke, riding in my truck
Never, ever, ever gonna call her yuck

Waceke is a lovely girl
She is no hermaphrodite
When I want my favorite song
She nearly gets it right
Waceke is it any wonder
I will tell you in this song I wrote
Oh I really want to go
And buy you a leopard skin coat