Rick MesterVocals
Justin DeTieGuitars
Chuck CummingsBass
Jim CalvertDrums, Background Vocals

From the Album Dark Days and Afternoon Sleep

Sombrance - Dark Days and Afternoon Sleep

Words and music by Mester

Another day away
November’s here again
The tide of gray is turning
And I don’t know what to say
Annabel, Annabel

A peace of life has left me
It’s buried in the snow
Between the drops of scarlet
And the lifeless bones below
Annabel, Annabel

You swore to me
And smiled so silently
That you’d never let me go
That I’d never be alone
Annabel, Annabel

If it’s ashes that you wanted
I would burn the whole world down
And take you far away
And take you for today
Annabel, Annabel

Promise me you’ll stay
Where you’ve been laid to rest
But my arms are warmer
Than the cold earth’s iron breast
Annabel, Annabel

You’re another soul
From the tree of life
And I need to tell you
That I still need to love you
Annabel, Annabel