Cry To Understand

Rick MesterGuitars, Programing, Synths, Vocals

From the album The Cold Awakening

The Cold Awakening

Words and music by Mester

Somehow it’s all gone wrong
Love is not what it was
Thinning and disease ridden
It has hidden itself in pain

The life removed, the smile faded
All we wanted was each other
To be together in the cold
To belong to you, to us

It’s all gone wrong again
And you die every day
Pretend to be strong
Is today our last?

This curse opens my heart
Tears fall from the sky
And I wonder why
Please don’t die

I can never be loved again
So young, but to be buried
And remembered always
I will remember

I can’t live without you
I can’t sleep alone
You’re face was a sunset
And a warming for my heart

Taken for granted, us
We will never know
What you would look likeā€¦Old
And I weep for you

So I bring you these flowers
Just like yesterday
I hope you are somewhere
To know I still love you

You would want me to love
And share life with others
Those whose time is short
Short as yours

And so this is who I am
So cry to understand
That yesterday is you
And forever is us