Rick MesterVocals
Rob Williams – Guitar, Bass, Programming

From the Album Wallpaper Sky

Rick Mester - Wallpaper Sky

I wrote this tune as an acoustic, rainy day number.  It was meant to be somber and dreary.  Sombrance plays this song live now, but it’s a much more lively version. –rick

Words by and music by Mester

When yesterday’s are all you have
Tomorrow never comes
Gaze upon your blackened skies
And fear the chosen ones
They brought you this life eternal
Brought you to this pain
The agony of forgotten skies
And languid dreams of shame

Listen to the elegy
The sound of dying, sound of cold
Blessed be philosophy
Her stories ever told

Doomed to life’s entrapment
Shunned by all awake
And sieze the day too tightly
For all that is at stake
Burn the mark into your skin
Feel the rage of life
Sent abroad with open arms
To you my lovely wife