Nephilim Song

Rick MesterVocals, Programming
Justin DeTieGuitars
Chuck Cummings
Jim Calvert
Drums, Background Vocals

From the Album Dark Days and Afternoon Sleep

Sombrance - Dark Days and Afternoon Sleep

Words and music by Mester

When the night of the dark ones come
You’ll know their names
When the light of the Good One comes
You’ll know His name
You’ll feel the fire raging
Sands of time in tune
When the night is so afraid
Of loving me and you

Nephilim – Unholy union

You saw what you needed
What you thought was yours to take
You left your habitat
And tried to draw your stake
You taught the secrets
Of the heavens to the fall
And now your children cry
As the Good One judges all

Nephilim – Unholy union