Rick MesterVocals, Guitars, Bass, Synth
Ian Baird – Drums
Kevin Reeves – Piano

Mixed and Engineered by Sir Ian Baird at Arjuna Sound
Mastered by Jimmy P Brown II at 3 Frogz Studio

From the album Through Waterless Places

Words and music by Mester

Teardrops falling in the rain
You’re rising
Blown my heart away again
You’re rising
Shed my mortal soul tonight
It’s rising
Lift me up into your light
I’m rising

Your hands, your eyes, your mind, your soul
My flesh, my fear, my pain, so cold
Take me from this darkened place
And hold me closer to your face
I’m dying in these hollow dreams
Bursting at the ragged seams
You’re beautiful in all your light
Hold my soul in you tonight