Take Me Home

Rick MesterVocals, Guitars, Bass, Programming
Rob Williams – Mandolin

From the Album Wallpaper Sky

Rick Mester - Wallpaper Sky

This is an old Grievance Honor (my first band) song.  Norm and I wrote it shortly before he passed away from cancer.  I had always wanted to re-record it in his honor.  This is for Norm. –rick

Words by Mester and music by the late Norm Flamm

When are you coming back?
I keep on asking myself
I am so tired of crying
Every day I’m dying
Cuz you came to me
And it felt so real
I want to be with you
That’s what I want to do

Take me home
To your presence where there’s fullness of joy
Lay your hands on this boy
And take me home

This world is full of sorrow
As it falls into abyss
You are never ending
Your spirit keeps sending
Precious love
Peace from above
Counselor and my friend
Your love will never end