Band Thanksgiving

ThanksgivingWe celebrated our annual Band Thanksgiving on Saturday, November 17th.  I wrote about the event on my blog over at but I thought I’d post over here about how it went.  We chose Fallon’s Pub because, well, we always choose Fallon’s pub!

Not a person had anything turkey related.  I think that may be for two reasons.  Number one, Fallon’s only has a wrap with turkey in it…  No other turkey items.  But more importantly, number two is the fact that Fallon’s is the home of the famous-to-us Gnocchi Diablo dish.   Gnocchi Diablo is amazing.  It is homemade potato dumplings with Italian sausage and roasted red peppers in a chipotle garlic cream sauce served with a Hawaiian roll or Garlic bread… Just look at it!!

So we hung out for several hours eating Gnocchi Diablo and enjoying frothy beverages.  The guys went around the table and gave thanks for things that they were thankful for.  There were no cliche-driven speeches or silly thanksgivings.  There was an odd one from Dan who had just enjoyed the first Friday night in three weeks without someone throwing a brick through one of his house windows.  That’s something.

Now as the real Thanksgiving approaches, we wish you all a healthy holiday and hope you have a lot to be thankful for.