Thankfully, 2020 is coming to an end. There have been plenty of reasons to lose hope throughout this year, but I hope that somehow your holidays have been a pleasant respite.

Despite the negativity and the challenges the year has brought, I have found myself writing. I have been having some difficult dreams that involve death and its feeling of stark finality and despair. The feelings tend to stay with me for days and I have been trying to be creative during these times. Sometimes it comes in the form of music and other times it comes in the form of words or even photos.

I have demos of several songs recorded and I hope to gather them together as some sort of release called “Nearing the Veil”. I’ve tried to balance out the feelings of hopelessness in death for those who yet live with the joy that lays before us. In addition to this, I’ve been working with Jimmy (Deliverance/Jupiter VI/EraserHead) on some writing that he will reveal when the time comes.

I wanted to give you all an update from the Sombrance camp. As the old man said at the beginning of Monty Python and the Holy Grail… “I’m not dead yet… I think I’ll go for a walk…” And such is the case with Sombrance.

Peace and Love,