Autumn and Some Thoughts

Greetings all who stumble upon this the maiden voyage of my thoughts on the lovely Sombrance website.  I’d like to say that today I am thinking about a few things…  Autumn, PHP, and JavaScript.  But it  is the former that is the most meaningful to me at this time.

Recently, I took a week off from work to drive around the countrysides of Missouri.  I took a bunch of pictures of the changing leaves.  It’s a serious inspirational time for me.  I just love the weather, the smells and the visuals that Autumn brings to us.  Check out my Flickr page if you feel like looking at them.

A few of you may have noticed that I deactivated my Facebook page.  I was really tired of the divisiveness and the hate, so I figured I’d pour myself into something else.  I’m much happier now :)

I invite you to go to and proceed in to my new blog/site.  I’ll be occupying my time formerly spent on FB to that blog as well as thoughts here at Sombrance.

Finally, you can still catch me at Twitter –