Beyond The Red Door

BTRDHiya Sombrance friends!  We wanted to take a minute to let you know about a new recording.No, it’s not a new Sombrance record…  But it is a new recording from Rick Mester’s project Ishur Ninku.  The album is called Beyond The Red Door and it will be released digitally very soon.

It will be on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and everywhere else digital stuff is sold.  In fact, they are processing it right now.  As soon as the tunes are live, We’ll link to them here and on Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, head over there and give Ishur a like if you are up for it.  Then, if you are REALLY in a good mood, like Rick’s solo/photography page and  Sombrance too!

For now, here’s a listen to the first track from Beyond The Red Door called So Down Song: