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Our latest single, Sunswept, is out and available now!  Check out the links below to get your copy!

Our marketing people told us to call it the ‘long awaited‘ single.  But no one (including us) knew that we were going to record it, so no one was actually waiting.  We don’t like to lie.  And in keeping with our no-lie policy, we don’t really have a marketing department…  We think the advice came from one of the girls Kushins was dating.

Nonetheless, the song is here for you to hear (see what we did there).  Please share this info with your friends, enemies and pets and let us know what you think on our Facebook or Twitter pages!  We understand that if we get a million plays on Spotify, we could almost cover our tab at Fallon’s one night!

Finally, if you or someone you know has a radio show, podcast or written media (blog, magazine, reviews, etc) and would like to play/review Sunswept or interview Kushins (or any of the other band members) let us know here.

Thanks for taking a minute to check this out!


SunsweptFull Version (7:14)



Sunswept – Amazon

Sunswept – Google Play

Sunswept – Spotify


SunsweptRadio Edit (4:31)


Sunswept (Radio Edit) – Google Play

Sunswept (Radio Edit) – Spotify

Sunswept (Radio Edit) – Amazon