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The Cold Awakening

The Cold AwakeningAs a gift for stopping by, we are making our original EP, The Cold Awakening along with four bonus tracks, available for free download. The Cold Awakening was recorded on a Tascam 424 4-track recorder in an empty store front way back in the 90′s.

Present were Wade Baird (Guitar), Rick Mester (Guitar/Vocal), Jon Cheatwood (Bass/Vocal), Jason Sarino (Drums), Lael Clark (Guitar), Michelle Cox (Vocal), Keith Knerr (Engineering) and various onlookers and friends.

The process took a couple of days and was a lot of fun. Clearly, recording technology has improved and gotten cheaper. But, for those days, a handful of cassettes and a 424 recorder got you a serviceable demo to sell at shows.

There are also three scratch demos that were recorded on a Fostex FD4 digital recorder (it wrote to a scsi zip drive) included in this download.  The songs never made the original recording (or any subsequent recordings). They were just sketchpad tracks… unmixed… undeveloped… Finally, the EP includes a live version of Autumn’s Breath which featured Wade Baird on Guitar, Rick Mester on Vocals, Rob Williams on Bass, and Todd Hurt on Drums.

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Download the full out of print album “The Cold Awakening