Deliverance Does Sombrance

I’m excited to let you guys in on a little secret… Deliverance has a new record coming out this Fall to be called “Hear What I Say“. Now that’s not the secret.

Jimmy is a dear friend of mine and I’ve been able to hear some of the new material. Let me just tell you Deliverance fans, Jimmy has never sounded better! His voice is absolutely fantastic. I can’t tell you the nature of the tunes yet, but I can tell you that I don’t think anyone will be disappointed in this record! Jimmy has quite a lineup for this album… Mike Phillips, Jayson Sherlock, and the great Manny Morales (I love Manny’s bass tone!).

Now for the secret. Jimmy and the guys have recorded a Sombrance song to appear on the new record. I can’t tell you which song it is yet. But I hope the Deliverance fans will appreciate the love he has put into it. Of course, I can tell you that it is heavier, much heavier than our original rendition! I cannot express enough what an absolute honor it is for Jimmy to choose one of our songs. As a long time Deliverance, Jupiter VI, and Fearful Symmetry fan, I have loved Jimmy’s ability to make a cover song his own. I am unworthy to stand next to the other artists he’s covered.

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