We’ve got some good news for Sombrance fans still out there!  Our friends in J VI have a brilliant new record coming out.  What’s that got to do with Sombrance?

Well, that’s a surprise.  You will want to keep your eyes peeled for the new J VI record called “Movable Walls“.  The first reason is that it’s an epic, amazing record.  If you like progressive, soul touching rock in the vein of Pink Floyd, then you will want this record.  It will be coming as soon as Ty Tabor finishes mastering it.  The second reason is…  well…

The Sombrance connection…  We will let you know just as soon as we are allowed to!  But I know that you will want to get a copy of this record!!

In the meantime – give J VI a like on Facebook.  And if you don’t already, like Sombrance, Ishur Ninku and Rick Mester Music there too!

Happy Autumn everyone!