We hope that you are enjoying time with family and friends on this Thanksgiving.  The band has a lot to be thankful for individually and collectively. 

The Good News

First we want to take a moment to recognize that without the love of Christ, we would have nothing.  That hope is is the basis for all thankfulness.  Thank the good Lord.  Though this world seems to be crumbling, we have hope in Him.

The Exciting News

The band is excited to let you know that after many years of inactivity, eating at Fallon’s, going to Sainte Genevieve every other weekend, working, sleeping and not really doing any band related things…  whew…  let me take a breath…  Ok after all that above, we have finally gotten off our duffs and recorded a song.

Sunswept” was recorded a month ago and mixed by the amazingly talented Ian Baird.  In the next day or two it will be sent off to Jimmy P Brown II to be mastered.  Following that, we will get it distributed to all of your favorite places for download.

It was a blast to record again.  Well it was a blast for most of us.  Mike Kushins got his recording feet (or hands as it were) wet for the first time.  This recording represents the first collaboration with the current band (Mike Kushins, Thomas Kinder, Kevin Reese, Rob Williams and Rick Mester).

We can’t wait to present Sunswept to you in the coming weeks!  Be on the lookout here at sombrance.com or on our Facebook page.

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