Greetings and happy Autumn to you!  We thought we’d take a minute to share what’s been happening around the Sombrance camp.Last Saturday (11/7/2015) we were privileged to be joined by the one and only Ian Baird.  Ian is a veteran of many great bands including Since Hector Was a Pup, Spring Clock Wonder, The Adoring Heirs, ShockBox, Crater Maker, Deliverance and more.  He came into town to help us set up the recording stuff and educate us on the process of tracking with it.

We spent all day and half the night recording a new song (Sunswept).  We learned a lot from the experience and hope to share the song with you at some point.

A hearty thanks to Ian for his patience and wisdom.  The knowledge transfer was amazing and we hope that we will be bringing you new music because of it!

Oh, by the way – this was Mike Kushins’ first experience with recording.  We didn’t haze him too badly.

Finally, if you haven’t heard Ian’s ShockBox project with Steve Monti (Jesus and Mary Chain, Curve), you simply must!!


kevin, mike, rick, rob and tom